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Murder on the Docks - A Thoughtful Interaction between Authors and Guests.

writing on the wall photos from in other words liverpool festival Another captivating event as part of the "In Other Words" festival was had at the Bridewell in Liverpool this evening. Facilitated by Writing on the Wall the authors gave some gripping insight into the hard-edged underworld of organised crime in Liverpool and neighbouring Amsterdam. Fascinating dialogue was shared in another engaging connection between panel and audience. Bring on the next one!

Here's some more info from the Writing on the Wall website: A panel discussion dedicated to getting under the skin of modern-day writing on crime. Does crime fiction and true-crime writing help us to understand criminality and its impact on society? When does this top over feeding prurient readers with vicarious thrills? Can true-crime writing be considered as a valid form of investigative journalism, and what does crime fiction have to do to measure up to the heights of the contemporary novel? Join us for the debate, with three noted writers. Denise Mina put to use both a law degree, and a PhD thesis on mental illness in female prison inmates, in a diverse career writing crime fiction, plays and short stories. Graham Johnson is a mainstay of contemporary true-crime writing, with a publication list that includes The Cartel, on Britain's biggest drugs gang, The Devil, on gangsters who 'tax' other gangsters, and Powder Wars, where he writes about the career criminal turned underworld grass who bought down both Curtis Warren and John Haase. Kevin Sampson requires no introduction to regular attenders of Writing on the Wall, but for the uninitiated he is a journalist and best-selling author, with 8 novels under his belt, including the recently released The Killing Pool.