There's a new photography studio in Liverpool...

Welcome to the Lightworks - photography studio Liverpool. We're based out of Static, behind the bombed out church off Berry Street.

There's a lot happening at Static Gallery, Liverpool at the moment. For one it's St. Paddy's day and the smells wafting from the kitchen are getting the ol' salivary glands ticking over... the Static Cafe/Bar is also getting the final touches and will be open to the world as soon as!

So I thought it fitting - that I put the old panoramic head on the tripod, stand out in the middle of Static and snap off a selection of 360 degree photographs, then throw them into the computer, stitch them together and create a virtual tour... whew!

Enjoy the tour and pop in for a visit sometime!

Lightworks Photography Studio in Static

Have been busy painting the new "Lightworks" photography studio in Liverpool and had to endure an afternoon at Ikea yesterday buying some funky furniture. Dubbed "the Lightworks" it will be taking the collective space of Ant Clausen Photography and Deana Clarke Photography to a new level with a permanent studio set-up and client meeting area. Pretty exciting stuff with the planned use of the space being utilised for creative portraits - fashion/corporate... you name it!Stay tuned for some shots once set-up and blog entries to let you know what's happening there. Ciao!