Rock and Soul Mates - Memphis Tennessee and Liverpool England. Some promotional Street Photography.

photo of mathew street liverpool Kicking off on the 28th of September is "Rock and Soul Mates" and it's the tale of two cities, more alike than you'd think!

To help promote the festivities I was commissioned to grab a few photos of Mathew Street. These will be used on various promotional material in the coming months.

photography of mathew_street_liverpool

liverpool photographer ant clausen

Here's the blurb from the Rock and Soul Mates website:

Two cities that are thousands of miles apart but that have a shared history stretching back centuries. The rivers each city sits on brought them both to the fore of the Industrial Revolution. From the cotton trade and slavery to maritime innovation and wealthy merchants, Liverpool and Memphis became the perfect breeding ground for another revolution… but this time a musical one.

Blues, rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and Merseybeat. The sounds of the cities echoes through the streets and creates a vibrancy and musical heritage that is still alive today.

And to the future… waterside regeneration, academic excellence, successful business and a dedication to music and culture continue to link Liverpool and Memphis as they move towards their next chapter as rock 'n' soul mates.

Discover for yourself what each has to offer… 


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