The Iconic Liverpool Skyline - a panoramic photo on a lovely clear evening

Such a beautiful still evening in LIverpool town. The Liverpool skyline is ever changing and is always such an engaging subject to photograph. Was loving the interesting cloud cover and the chance to see stars over a big city is always a bonus!

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The New Liverpool Skyline - a photo from a recent night time shoot.

Was recently commissioned to take a few photos in and around Liverpool. I made my way down to the Mersey one clear evening and grabbed a few shots. Conscious of the number of Liverpool Skyline shots i've both seen and taken since i've been living here, I zoomed in a little closer and tried to capture a different take on the skyline.

Photo of the Liverpool Skyline at night with reflection in the Mersey

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... and the rain came down...

T'was a rather wet weekend in Wales...but all was not lost as I went exploring this morning. Actually some of my favourite photos have been shot in the rain. Today was no exception. I've driven past this stream before, deep in the heart of North Wales. And all it's ever been is just a stream, but today, it upgraded itself to a full-blown river... thanks again to the rain! I grabbed the Manfrotto, Nikon D300 and a couple of wide lenses in the old backpack and made my way down to the "river" - as some nice long exposures were on the cards. I set up the tripod in the actual river to get close to the action and set up a few shots. And here's the results...

Nikon D300, Nikkor 17-55mm F2.8 4 second exposure at F22 Sigma 10-20mm 5secs at F22

Lovin' the lead-in lines in this shot... if I was standing at this spot last week... there would be barely a trickle of water coming down... God bless the RAIN!

And just to confirm the time of year... the golden maple leaves have fallen in this magical little place.