Last sunrise in Rarotonga... a photo from the wee hours of the morning...

photo of sunrise in rarotonga After flying on a little island hopping plane back to Rarotonga the night before I had one of those "have to get up early to catch a plane, so a little bit wired and won't get much sleep" kinda nights...

So there I was at 5am listening to the waves crashing on the reef outside my window. I had an hour to kill before walking across the road to the airport - so got up and wandered along the rocky shoreline. First thing I thought was i'd left it a bit late. The sun had already risen just above the horizon... at 5am? Arghhhh!

I was hoping for a really long exposure to give the stormy sea an ethereal feel juxtaposed against the craggy outcrops... but hey - this was not planned. This was spontaneous and you just gotta go with it!

And the sleepy island of Rarotonga didn't disappoint. If this was to be my last photo of the trip - i'll take it!

Thanks again Cook Islands you beautiful jewel in the South Pacific. It's been special.

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