Shooting Sharks - this time 13 years ago... some photos from the Red Sea, Egypt

Seems like a lifetime ago now - scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. This time of the year the Oceanic White Tip sharks come up to visit. The water currents and the temperature are just right for these incredible creatures to bask off the back of Elphinstone Reef off the coast of the southern Red Sea. My now wife Natalia took these fab shots of me whilst I was filming the sharks. Warm waters meant no wetsuits and basically no protection whatsoever! Was one of the most epic dives of my life!

Oceanic white tip reef sharks photos - scuba diving in the red sea egypt
Oceanic white tip reef sharks photos - scuba diving in the red sea egypt

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Hahei, Coromandel - Blinded by the Stars... A Photo from tonight.

It's not often you look up in the night sky and see this... hahei coromandel photo of night sky

I'm not sure whether the moon is the right distance from the sun or the earth is spinning on a particularly unique axis... or whether i'm just back in good ol' New Zealand and the sky is as clear as a bell. I think it's the latter.

Such a stunning night for a moonlight stroll along the beach.

I just had to go back afterwards, grab the camera and take a couple of shots.

hahei coromandel photo of night sky

Queen Mary 2 Photo on the cover of Cunarder Magazine

photos of queen mary 2 in cunarder magazine ant clausen photography Flagship cruiseliner of the Cunard fleet - the Queen Mary 2 made her maiden voyage to Liverpool last year.

I was invited on board by Cunard to photograph the interiors of the ship. Truly an iconic vessel it retains all the charm and elegance of ocean-liners from days gone by.

I'm just double-checking with Cunard whether they're ok for me to blog some of the photos. So stay tuned!

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