Hillsborough - 20 years on...

It was twenty years ago at this exact time - 3:15pm, that the Police decided to close the book. To close the book on any chance the families/friends had of finding out the truth about their loved ones who died on this day at Hillsborough.It was approx 3 weeks ago that a German reporter emailed me about a story she was writing about Hillsborough. She needed a Liverpool photographer to help document her story. I knew this would be an emotionally-charged story. One that is still so present in the hearts and minds of the Liverpool people. Being from New Zealand, I had heard about it from afar - but I was now going to be catapulted into the centre of it. This disaster not only killed 96 people. It destroyed the lives of families, loved ones and survivors from that day. The only thing they have ever asked for, is the truth. Only then, can they somehow find peace.

Iris Hellmuth, the freelance reporter from Germany has since sold the story to the Financial Times, Germany (a million readers per week), 2 Swiss newspapers and some Scandinavian publications. hillsborough-1