Walking off to War - A Photo from the Lord Mayor's Pageant, Liverpool 2010

This was one of the last photos I took on the day of the Lord Mayor's Pageant. The whole scenario of the military marching down the middle of Castle Street had a certain 'wartime' feel to it. Help for Heroes is one of the Lord Mayor's charities and is a very relevant organisation in today's UK.As I was walking back to the car I photographed an old rusty roller door (as you do...) and then blended both images together, stripped back the colour to give a grungy war-torn feel to the image. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the images taken that day - they were filled with vibrant colour. I will post a few of the colourful ones when I get a spare mo!

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A Cup of Tea with the Mayor...

In the parlour of the Liverpool City Hall no less. The great thing about photography is you never know where it will take you from one day to the next. After recently joining the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce - i'm looking forward to a wealth of opportunities in the new year. Having a cup of tea whilst meeting the mayor was a good start! Recently the Chamber have officially signed Nugent Care as their chosen charity. Here's a couple of photos from the presentation. low-res-1