Hahei, Coromandel - Blinded by the Stars... A Photo from tonight.

It's not often you look up in the night sky and see this... hahei coromandel photo of night sky

I'm not sure whether the moon is the right distance from the sun or the earth is spinning on a particularly unique axis... or whether i'm just back in good ol' New Zealand and the sky is as clear as a bell. I think it's the latter.

Such a stunning night for a moonlight stroll along the beach.

I just had to go back afterwards, grab the camera and take a couple of shots.

hahei coromandel photo of night sky

It's a little bit misty on the Wirral - a quick photo from walking the dog this afternoon...

storeton woods photo by ant clausen photographyIt's not often I have my camera with me on a dog walk - but today was a pretty crazy day with three different shoots going on. As it was such an ethereal day weather-wise, I decided to leave my kit with me in the car when I swung by to pick up Coco for her walk. I grabbed my long lens and headed off through Storeton Woods. The area where the photo was taken used to be a railway line and it's a brilliant linear landscape for photos. Today it was made even more special with the fog that didn't lift all day. I waited as this man came out of the fog and into view to give the photo a sense of scale. Quick like the fact that the retriever was carrying half a tree with him too! Tomorrow i'm looking forward to interior design photography in Stockport. Then it's a recce at the LFC training ground at Mellwood ahead of a shoot next week with some of the LFC football players.