The Return of the King - Kenny Dalglish at the recent opening of LFC Boot Room

image photo of kenny dalglish, manager liverpool football club, lfc, by ant clausen photographyThe much hyped return of King Kenny Dalglish to the manager position of Liverpool Football Club is now starting to fully come to fruition, with recent wins against some of the top premier clubs. When you live in Liverpool - you'd literally have to have your head stuck in a "muddy pool" to not know about the recent return of King Kenny, or anything to do with LFC to be honest! The recent opening of the "Boot Room" which is a fantastic family oriented restaurant steeped in history and a great place to have a meal before or after the game, has been a huge success. I've been there recently to grab some promotional photos and also sample some of their culinary delights. I thoroughly recommend you go do the same!

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