Workshops in Liverpool with Ant Clausen Photography

Yep, after much request - i'm starting my first photography workshops in February. All going well - these will be on-going throughout the year.The first workshop will run over two Saturday's and will be an intensive, practical, hands-on course for beginners and intermediate level photographers. The emphasis will be on getting to know everything about your camera and photography very quickly - learning and discussing what makes an eye-catching, captivating photo - and then putting it into practice by going out and taking some professional quality shots around town. We'll then discuss further and explore different techniques and styles for the next Saturday. For more information please email Ant Clausen or call 07814 457 247. First dates will be 7th and 14th of February. Photography Workshops run from 10am to 2pm. Total price is £150. Maximum 6 people per workshop. liv-1