The Auckland City Skyline - some photos from the other night...

photo of auckland city skyline at night photo of auckland city skyline at night

When i'm not photographing portraits out here in New Zealand - i'm exploring the coastline, shooting sunrises with the Nikon D800. So far the camera has been performing flawlessly. The detail from the 36 megapixel sensor is quite incredible. I was interested to see how it would perform at night also with city lights and dark skies often pushing digital cameras to their limits. Once again it allowed me to capture detail I have never seen before. I don't think i've photographed any skylines of major cities round the world (yes you may argue that Auckland might not be the most major city) - where you can so clearly see the stars in the sky above.

The new Liverpool Waterfront Pier Head - a photo from the warm afternoon recently (there was one trust me!)

photo of liverpool pier head on the waterfront of the mersey This photo of the new Pier Head on the waterfront of Liverpool was taken early summer when the sun was setting nice and early. The sun turns a lovely golden colour as it begins to set out West over the Welsh mountains...

I'm currently madly trying to get my galleries all sorted before we head off to Italy next week. If I wasn't having the busiest week of photography ever - I might actually have a chance!