Hey New Zealand - See ya for a few photos in a couple weeks...

baby portrait photography liverpool photographer ant clausen Pretty cool that it'll be the first time we head back home to New Zealand as a family. The reality of it all is starting to kick in - and it's going to be a pretty friggin cool couple of months!

Having two whole months off any kind of work is likely to drive me slightly mental. So to counter that i'm going to be shooting portraits in the first couple of weeks. Already have the first week booked up - but give me a holla if you'd like any photographs taken. I've also got an absolute killer wedding to photograph down Mount Maunganui way in March. That is going to be amazing. In between times there'll be plenty of "up at sunrise" coastal shots to be had. Am really looking forward to expanding the fine art photography archive and getting the PRINTS section of the website live.

I'm currently adding a general portrait section to the site as last week I had someone call and ask me "Do you only photograph famous people?" I laughed and told her that was me just trying to show off!

Anyway - back to it. Gotta get some sleep before I photograph some of the LFC team tomorrow at their Melwood training ground.