Guerrilla Marketing of the hottest kind...

The call comes in... "Ant, we need you to come down and photograph the cover of the new Red Hot Chili Peppers book... projected on the side of an old dockyard warehouse building"

I'm like "Cool. Very cool." Having been a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan from the good ol' Freaky Styley/Mother's Milk days etc... I was intrigued with the whole concept. And the concept, it turned out, was very hot indeed.

I jumped on my bike, armed with my Nikon artillery - and headed down to the Liverpool waterfront. The idea was to coincide with the "stars/celebs" rolling into town for the MTV Music Awards. Timing was critical, and placement just as important. They settled for an old abandoned standalone dockyard building (plenty to choose from in Liverpool!) but from a strategic viewpoint - this was the business. Set between the "Three Graces" and Albert Dock - it was prime positioning, catching all the traffic making their way along the Strand.

And what a result! It's amazing what you can do these days... backing up a van, opening the back doors, turning on a high powered projector and projecting an image on a 100ft building across the road. Bl**dy nice work I have to say.

The team at Think Publicity are really pushing the creative boundaries to full effect!

Photographer Tony Woolliscroft is the man behind the book. He's been travelling and photographing the Peppers for over 20 years. The Peppers regard him highly and it's with that trust, that Tony has captured images that are intimate and show a personal side to the band never seen before.

I'll definitely be grabbing myself a copy. To check it out for yourself click here

And to check some more images from last night's "screening" click here

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