HDR does it again...

Was up in the remote west coast of Scotland (as you do!) shooting a wedding. I arrived on the Friday night, checked out the venue - the lovely Stonefield Castle, then ventured down to Tarbert where I was staying. Had a fierce hunger brewing, so wandered along the street and asked a couple of locals where I could find the best fish and chips in town. I was told there was one place still open, so I walked hurriedly with a new sense of purpose along to the other end of town. I grabbed some hake and chips, a cheeky beer and headed west to watch the sunset. Bearing in mind this is a couple of months ago - 10pm. I could already see the warm light backlighting the treetops, so I followed the winding road signposted "West Loch Pier" which sounded promising to my unfamiliar, foreign New Zealand state of mind! Turning off the main road I followed the gravel track down through a maze of dense forest. I arrived at the Pier and grabbed my tripod, my D300 and wide angle lens and walked back along the estuary to where I spotted a glimpse of what looked like an old sunken ship on the drive down. And so it was. A beautiful sunset, an old sunken boat... I was in photographic heaven - if it wasn't for the sandflies! They were biting viciously and I set up my camera hurriedly to catch a shot before the sun went down. Standing there getting attacked by sandflies... the things we do to capture "the shot!" Anyway, enough banter! Here's an HDR shot (minus the sandflies) I bracketed this shot with 3 multiple exposures and blended them in Photomatix 3 Pro. I then sharpened in Photoshop.



So I woke up nice and early...

for the sunrise... which is not really saying much as the sun only gets up at about 7:30am this time of year in the UK! Still in Wales - out in the countryside, surrounded by farmland, the sun started creeping up over the distant rolling hills... I looked to the east to see some brooding storm clouds ominously rolling their way towards me... the perfect formula = dramatic clouds + sunrise. This black and white HDR image - edited with Adobe Lightroom initially - 3 blended exposures (-2, 0, +2) tone-mapped in Photomatix 3, then back into Lightroom to convert to Black and White. Phew!

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