Buenos Aires assignment published in Conde Nast Traveller...

photos of conde nast traveller article on buenos aires by ant clausen photography Still feeling like i'm playing catch-up from the madness of a couple months ago. Journalist friend Pete Healy from New Zealand gives me the call on a Thursday afternoon: "Mate, i'm on my way Buenos Aires - writing a story for Conde Nast Traveller - and I need a photographer. I've shown them your website and they want to book you"

I then took a quick look at my diary for the next few days - editing, portraits and studio shoots. All of which were not time critical. Next phone call was made to my 'travel agent extraordinaire' Dean Wilson. 18 hours later i'm on a plane to Buenos Aires.

I feel like the rest could be written into a short story - and to do the trip justice - it requires more time and writing.

But for now - i'm just happy the story has gone live!

I'm also suitably stoked and humbled with the feedback from the guys at Conde Nast: "Ant's pictures are stunning"...

Cheers guys!

I'll continue this story very soon with more photos and some excerpts from Pete's article.


People Rally to clean up after the mindless vandalism of last night. Some photos from Falkner Square Liverpool.

photos of liverpool riots from last night falkner square Along with current trends sweeping the country Liverpool also jumped on the bandwagon last night. Driving back from Manchester I stopped briefly on Falkner Square to document what looked to be the epicentre of the rioting from last night. Around six cars had been either torched or smashed in. The devastastion clearly evident - but also evident was how calm, quiet and clean the streets were also. People had rallied early this morning before most people had even rolled out of bed. Streets were cleaned, debris taken away and people were going about their business. It will certainly take a lot more than mindless acts of vandalism to keep good Scousers down!

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