So I packed the Drone in my suitcase and travelled from Liverpool to Zakynthos for some aerial photography...

Travelling across Europe with a Drone sounds a little cumbersome and complicated - but it really is pretty straightforward. Grab yourself a small padded backpack off Amazon for around £40... then pack it inside your hardshell suitcase and forget about it till you arrive on a beautiful Greek Island. Once there get up nice and early and drive across the Greek countryside to a very very special place. Navagio Beach - or Shipwreck Bay as it's colloquially known. All the more special first thing in the morning before all the tourists hit it. This place is something else. Dramatic white chalky cliffs descend dramatically into the Aegean Sea. A boat that was once used to transport contraband washed up on the beach years ago. Culminating in a stunning spectacle. One of the most photogenic spots on the planet.

Here's a quick photo taken from the Drone to give you an idea.

Ant Clausen is a professional photographer from New Zealand - currently based in Liverpool. Please click here to view Ant's photos portfolio or here to contact Ant