Photos of Margaret from One Park West Liverpool

Brief - capture photographs of resident Margaret of One Park West. Had a lovely cup of tea and met the most amazing person ever. This was last year and tonight I ran into her again. Margaret has many an amazing story to tell. One in particular was her voyage to New Zealand in 1960 to become a seamstress. It just so happened that my Mum was travelling to the UK at that same time... to become a seamstress. A very enjoyable hour sipping tea, chatting away... and grabbing a few snaps somewhere in the middle. This (below) was the very last shot I took. And this, as I was informed of tonight, was also in the Times newspaper a couple of months ago!Have to say I love photography and everything it brings - and i'm never surprised where one's photos end up.. although sometimes it would be nice to know in advance, as I would have been happy to spend a pound to see my first photograph in the Times! (that I know of anyway) Anyway - here's Margaret. From a technical standpoint, yes the background is completely blown out etc etc.. but in fairness... the background was a carpark. The shoot was all about Margaret and I really don't liking using flash, not a big fan at all... so I kinda like the fact that the background is blown out and the focus is more on Margaret (and not the carpark)margaret at one park west liverpool

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