The Bloggers Block..

An interesting theory - what happens when a "blogger" gets a bit too busy and perhaps doesn't have time to add the attention and detail needed to keep a blog ticking along. I imagine a similar occurrence when a writer gets writer's block and they stop writing for a while until they find inspiration from somewhere... and start writing again. I guess one of the bonuses of writing a photography blog is that you can always let the photos do the talking. And that's definitely a bonus, and in a lot of ways - that's how it should be. So today in "show and tell"..without further adieu... here's one of my favourite shots from the past year, as it embraces everything I stand for. Firstly you have to have healthy respect for the ocean before you go out into big surf. You have to have a sense of adventure and daring to take on a big wave and ride it with grace and you have to enjoy the lifestyle that goes along with everything to do with "our mother ocean"3d-5-5