Dolphins Dancing on White

Beer o'clock would have to wait... it's 5:30pm on a Friday evening and i'm at the Dolphin Dance Studios - Liverpool City Centre. Some of the team are off to France to dance at Disneyworld and need some photos taken! Armed with my portable studio - I get set up and decide to use my white background. The good old versatile white background. I've used it frequently over the past few weeks. Great for corporate shots as you can easily turn your backlight down a stop or two and you've instantly got a nice light grey background. Crank up the backlight a stop or two and you've got pure white. I'm always conscious of getting this right, and sometimes there's a bit of tweaking involved. Getting it "right" can depend on what your definition is. In my case, i'm talking about not overexposing and not blowing out highlights. Check out the photo below and you'll see that the direction of the backlight is obviously from the right. The front is lit by a soft box from the left hand side. The fact she's wearing a white shirt is definitely a challenge, and not something I would recommend by default - unless you're going for that sort of look. Next photo we have the same background, with the light stopped down to give a different look and feel - a slightly grungier look which I prefer. So again - the bonus of using a white background is the freedom to choose which look you want to go for. Once the model/subject is cut out, it can be placed on any different background you like. As you can see from both my blog and website, I like a nice uncluttered, clean background, so there's less distraction from the image. So that's my little spiel on white backgrounds! Possibly my most informative post yet! Stay tuned for more shots in the future when the "dolphins" are actually dancing!